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byGavin Bell
In Zibo in October, the breeze is refreshing and the osmanthus is fragrant. On October 16, the first China (Zibo) New Material Industry International Expo was grandly opened in Zibo Convention and Exhibition Center Square. With the theme of "new materials, new platforms, and new kinetic energy", the exhibition highlighted the characteristics of "branding, high-end and internationalization". It invited 34 academicians from home and abroad, 42 national key talent engineering experts, and 97 higher institutions More than 200 experts and professors from the school, 15 heads of high-end think tank fund platform institutions, more than 80 industry media participated in the conference, and 217 domestic and foreign companies and platform organizations participated in the exhibition. The expo is a gathering of industry experts, industry leaders, capital experts, media focus, and a high degree of specialization. It is a grand event facing the world and radiating across the country to link high-quality resource elements and promote the exchange and development of new materials industry.

Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Liu Weimin, Cao Chunxiao, Du Wei, Song Zhenqi, Zhu Meifang, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wen Xueyou, He Kebin, Li Hejun, overseas academicians Zhang Jingan, Zhang Tiezhu, Zhou Yanchun, Zhang Yihe, Zhen Chongli, Wu Desheng; Japanese Consul General in Qingdao Igawa Yuan Xian, Consul General Park Jinxiong of the Korean Consulate General in Qingdao; Han Yafang, Chairman of the International Federation of Materials Research Associations, Gao Ping, First-Class Investigator of the Building Materials Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang Zhuxiu, Deputy Director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Director of the Bureau of Foreign Experts; President of Qingdao University of Science and Technology Chen Kezheng and other experts and scholars from some key universities and scientific research institutes; Li Bin, vice chairman of the Investment Committee of Zhengwei International Group and president of Shandong and Northeast Project Investment, and other new materials industry enterprises, platform institutions, and heads of societies and associations were invited to attend the opening ceremony. City leaders Jiang Duntao, Cong Xigang, Shang Longjiang, Ma Xiaolei, South Korea Xiang, Bi Sidong, Sun Qinglei, Song Zhenbo, Liu Rongxi, Bi Hongwei, Liu Qiming, Liu Dongjun, Pu Xuzhang, Wang Jizhong and others attended the opening ceremony.

Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Jiang Duntao said in his speech that Zibo has a complete industrial system, complete categories, and strong supporting capabilities. In particular, the new material industry started early, has a solid foundation, a complete chain, a sound ecology, outstanding characteristics, and rapid development. Important position. The China (Zibo) New Material Technology Forum has been successfully held for 18 sessions and has gradually grown into one of the high-end technology forums in the field of new materials across the country. Starting this year, on the basis of the New Material Technology Forum, the China (Zibo) New Material Industry International The expo aims to build a richer platform for exchanges and mutual learning among all parties, to show the charm of new materials in an all-round way, and to further demonstrate the confidence and determination of Zibo Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to promote the new material industry to the peak. We are eagerly looking forward to using the exhibition as a platform carrier to further enhance exchanges with domestic and foreign scientific and technological circles, industry, and financial circles. We sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to pay attention to Zibo, invest in Zibo, and develop Zibo together to jointly expand cooperation areas, deepen cooperation levels, and jointly develop The new blue ocean of the development of the new material industry will join hands to create a new height for the development of the new material industry.

   Han Yafang and Gao Ping congratulated the opening of the first China (Zibo) New Material Industry International Expo. They said that the combination of the first China (Zibo) New Material Industry International Expo and the 18th China (Zibo) New Material Technology Forum with successful experience will fully demonstrate the basic advantages of the development of the new material industry in Zibo, and accelerate technological innovation and research. The transformation of the results has been implemented. It is hoped that Zibo City will take this opportunity to open up its voice and do a good job in the top-level design of the city’s "14th Five-Year Plan" new material industry development; strengthen close cooperation with the Chinese Society for Materials Research and the Department of Raw Materials Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to jointly promote the high-quality development of the new material industry .

   Li Bin said in his speech that for many years, Zibo City has vigorously implemented an innovation-driven strategy, built an innovative development platform, linked global high-end elements, gathered industrial projects, and made the flower of new materials bloom all over Zibo. Zhengwei International Group is a high-tech industry group dominated by a new generation of electronic information and a complete industrial chain of new materials. It is willing to deepen cooperation with Zibo in the fields of industry, technology, and talents to achieve a win-win situation.

   Igawara Hyun and Park Jinxiong said in their speeches that they hope this expo will become an opportunity to deepen the cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea in the field of new materials. They also hope that the new expo will develop and grow and help Zibo develop into a new material center city. As an old friend of Zibo, the Japanese and Korean consulates in Qingdao are willing to further strengthen communication and exchanges with Zibo, and recommend more Japanese and Korean new materials companies to cooperate with Zibo for a win-win situation.

   After the opening ceremony, Jiang Duntao accompanied the guests to the exhibition area of the New Materials Expo to visit the exhibited products and listen to the introduction of exhibitors.