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Silicon Nitride Powder

byGavin Bell
Silicon Nitride Powder

Silicon Nitride : structural ceramic, high hardness,corrosion resistance,thermal shock resistance

Silicon Nitride ( Si3N4) is a kind of important structural ceramic which has the characteristics of high hardness, self-lubrication and abrasion resistance. It is atom crystal and doesn’t arise reaction to other inorganic acids except hydrofluoric acid. Silicon Nitride is well resistant to corrosion and oxidation while high temperature. It also can excellently resist the thermal shock and will not be cracked after the sudden rising and falling of temperature when silicon nitride was heated to above 1000 in the air.

Detailed description:

silicon ntride powder is a kind of important structural ceramic ,with excellent self-lubrication,abrasion resistance ,thermal shock resistance and no reaction with the inorganic acids ,widely used to manufacture bearing, turbine blade, mechanical seal ring, permanent mold and other mechanical parts. The heating surface of the engine parts with  silicon nitride ceramics, can improve the quality of diesel engine, save fuel, and improve the thermal efficiency.